Global Dry Systems - Wall Stands.

Wall Stands Cloth Dryer

Features & Benefits :

  • Available in sizes from 2ft-6ft
  • Steel Pipes to dry clothes instead of Ropes
  • Holds full Load of Laundry up to 5 kgs per pipe & Better Durability
  • All pipes are bound by a square steel pipe giving it style and strength
  • Uses No Floor Space at all | Easy & Convenient to Use
  • Number of pipes and size of pipes can be customized as per your need
  • Thick Pipes Never Crease Clothes
  • Clothes Dry Naturally - saving electricity
  • Steel pipes don't crease clothes the way ropes do
  • Looks stylish and strong with drying Space - 3 feet to 40 feet
  • Built to last by usage of steel pipes and steel bounds
1. Prices may differ where Global Dry has authorized retailers.
2. Prices on website are inclusive of all applicable taxes and shipping charges.
3. For more information about Products or Fittings, Call / Text us.
1. Wall Stand Systems need installation which can be done by local carpenter / fitter. These charges are not included in the price.
2. Delivery Time: 10-12 working days.
3. For installation watch our videos on YouTube.